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Bible Study

Bible Study
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On the fourth Sunday of each month (on 2nd in December!), we hold a Bible-study after Mass in one of the parish meeting rooms.

Beginning in October 2018, our goal is to read through the Gospel of Mark. Our group of about 10-12 people is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, so the discussion is in English, but you are free to read the week’s assigned scriptures in your own language at home.

At each meeting, there is a short presentation about the significance, meaning, historical background, etc., of the text we read at home. Then we focus on a short passage chosen by Fr Arek, who leads the Bible study. Our discussion may focus on the literal sense of the passage or different historical interpretations of the passage, how the passage relates to the Old Testament or is significant in Church teaching, or how it is rendered or
interpreted differently in different languages or translations.

Next, we have a time of quiet reflection on how the short passage speaks to us, personally, and those who wish to are free to share what the passage means to them in their spiritual journey. It is often surprising and enlightening to discover the variety and depth of meaning drawn out of the scripture by people from different backgrounds and at different stages of life.

Finally, we share any prayer intentions we may have – for ourselves, friends, family or the world – and Father Arek closes the meeting with a prayer and blessing. The meetings take about one hour, and it is not absolutely necessary to bring a Bible with you, though it may be useful to do so if you want to look up something during the discussion. If you do forget to bring a Bible, it’s usually possible to borrow one from someone else at the table.

The Gospel of Mark is short, fast-paced and action-packed – an easy introduction to Bible study if you’ve never attended such meetings before. Come and join us, and read through the Gospel of Mark this autumn!

Bible Study


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