Starting Saturday, February 9th, we will be conducting a 6-session marriage-preparation course for English-speaking couples.  The course will be conducted entirely in English, by a native-speaker, using materials from the United States. Participants should be proficient in English, and at least one person must be a non-Polish-speaker.  If you are preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony in the coming year and you need a course in English, please contact us to sign up for the course.

Our Marriage Preparation Course is open to English-speaking couples who, for linguistic reasons, are unable to participate in a course in Polish (non-Polish-speakers or couples in which only one person speaks Polish and both speak English).  All those who wish to attend should be proficient speakers of English, since the video presentations and course workbook are in English and the teacher is a native-speaker of English.  This course is not appropriate for people who are unable to follow a lecture, enter into a discussion, answer questions or watch a film entirely in English without translations, interpreters or subtitles.

This course prepares couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Roman Catholic Church.  Participating couples should be open to Church teaching about marriage and should have the desire to understand and live out the requirements of Catholic marriage, whether or not both participants are Catholic.

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The course will take place February 9th, 16th, 23th, and March 2nd, 9th, 16th.

Course Requirements

Before the course begins, participants will be required to attend an introductory meeting at which they will take a pre-marital survey (questionnaire).  The questionnaire is entirely confidential and is designed to help the couple discuss issues related to marriage, as well as helping the priest get a sense of particular areas of marriage preparation that each couple may need to work on or discuss in depth. 

Participants will be provided with a workbook for the course.  It is expected that the participants will read the appropriate texts and answer assigned questions for each session.  The cost of the course will be announced at the preliminary meeting.

The course itself consists of six meetings, held on consecutive Saturdays (morning and early afternoon), with a gap when national holidays fall on a Saturday.  Attendance at all meetings is required for couples to complete the course.  Meetings will consist of video presentations, short lectures, discussions and possibly other activities (such as problem-solving or discussion in a group or in pairs).  There will be two presentations per meeting, with a break between the two presentations.  Each presentation takes about 2 hours, so assume you’ll spend about 4-5 hours per week at each meeting.  If you register for this course, please clear your schedule and do not plan any other events or activities during the scheduled hours for the sessions.

Besides participation in the weekly meetings, participants will meet with the priest in charge of the course at least twice, and possibly three or more times, as needed.  These private meetings will be devoted to personal counseling, review of the pre-marital survey, and answering the questions and particular needs of each couple as they prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony.  These meetings are arranged individually to suit the couples’ and the priest’s schedule.

The course will be organized in autumn and in spring (twice per year) depending on the number of couples who express an interest and are able to commit to completing the course.  The Pastoral Centre for English-speakers cannot organize marriage preparation ad hoc or individually as an alternative to this course.


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